Claire Upton

Operations Manager

Claire June2021--11.jpg

Claire’s affinity for all things real estate goes way beyond her job. With her love for architecture and with both a carpenter and an interior designer in the family, she says it was “inevitable” that she would become a serial renovator. Now living in her 23rd house, it’s clear that she’s passionate about what she does. She has a very real understanding of the highs and lows of buying and selling property, and well understands the process, the challenges, and the emotions having herself lived them many times over.

Claire’s career background was originally in Education and Training, and her previous roles encompassed youth work, teaching and adult training. Inspired by her own experiences of buying and selling property, she made the move to real estate in 1997, and then worked across roles including residential sales, marketing, administration and finally operations management.

In her present role, she takes great pride in being part of a committed and successful team and playing her part to ensure that the RT Edgar business and brand keeps going from strength to strength.

Downtime for Claire is ideally spent catching up with long-time friends over a shared meal and a glass of wine. She enjoys reading, galleries and walks, and since moving to Red Hill, she has added bird watching to her repertoire. For, Claire the Mornington Peninsula is the very best place to raise a family. She loves that her kids have had the opportunity to experience a typical country childhood, just one hour from Melbourne, amidst rolling hills and with some of Victoria’s most beautiful beaches all on her doorstep.