Eco Friendly Mornington Peninsula

07 October 2022

Supporting local and sustainable businesses has never been more important. We have curated a list of just a few of the best eco-friendly products and places on the Peninsula. From food, flowers, clothing, jewellery and more, everything you need can be sourced from our own backyard. Read on to see some of our favourites.

Cherry Road Flower Farm

With a sustainable farm-to-vase ethos Cherry Road Flower Farm sprung to life 2022 after leasing land in Red Hill South. Flower growers are not held to the same standards as the food production industry, and as a result are able to use harsh chemicals to keep their harvest from dying.

Cherry Road Flower Farm wants to be the natural alternative to this and emphasises the importance of growing seasonal, field-grown flowers that are chemical-free and avoid the use of plastic, pesticides and wastage. Offering unique and natural varieties of your favourite florals, Cherry Road’s products are fresh and beautiful. Creating healthy soil, Cherry Road promotes the use of orange and regenerative farm practices.

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Polly’s Farm

From humble beginnings as a passion project, Polly’s Farm is now a leading source for natural skincare. Founder Kimberley Kidger believes whole-heartedly in the importance of natural remedies, herbal medicines and the medicinal properties we can get from plants. All of Kimberley’s products are proudly free from chemicals, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, silicone, synthetic fragrances and artificial colours. Her products incorporate natural ingredients and essential oils that encourage your skin to replenish and rejuvenate.

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or a gift to give to a friend, Polly’s farm has everything. Their products range from soap bars, body scrubs, bath soaps, hand wash, even a pet-friendly wash. You can buy online or visit her website to find any number of stockists to buy from.

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In a world dominated by fast fashion, Amy from Marisol is determined to make a change in the industry. Slow fashion is the focus of this brand. Bringing local, ethical, sustainable fashion to women that will make them feel effortlessly beautiful and confident.

The key to their success is only creating small quantities of their garments, using natural fibres and overruns from other designers that also have sustainability and ethical practices at the heart of their business. Although they don’t have a physical store yet, you can order online, or visit them at any number of local markets across the Peninsula.

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Sea Glass Jewellery by Georgina Cunningham

Georgina, founder of Seaglass Jewellery, spent much of her childhood travelling through Europe, the Middle East and India. It was during these extensive periods abroad that she cultivated her love for hand-crafted silver jewellery.

Under the tutelage of renowned jeweller Patsy Mears, Georgina began learning to be a silversmith. Over the years she has honed and developed her skills, including a formal study of engineering in gold and silversmithing. Each piece is completely unique as they are individually shaped by hand. As opposed to using mined gems or stones, Georgina specialises in the use of sea glass, an equally as beautiful but more ethical option.

Pieces can be commissioned especially for you and your needs or you can purchase straight from her website.

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Mock Red Hill

Mock Red Hill is one of the premier apple orchards and farm gates. This fifth-generation business has been family-owned and operated since it first became operational in 1895. Named for the Mock Family, the orchard, now operating out of Red Hill, became the first Bio-Dynamic (organic) certified orchard in 1974. The range of products available is extensive, including ciders, sparkling and cloudy juices and apple cider vinegar.

For a fun day out you can visit the Mock farm gate and enjoy lunch in the Cider Lounge, a picnic in the orchard, and browse the store for all the things you can take home. While you’re wandering around, you’ll likely see members of the Mock family as they work in the orchards and around the property so don’t hesitate to stop and chat to them about the property and its history.

1103 Mornington-Flinders Road, Red Hill |

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Willow & Maple Candle Co.

Hand-made on the Mornington Peninsula, these soy-based candles take their inspiration from the natural environment and spectacular coastlines all around us. Willow & Maple came to life in early 2020 by Dave and Steve from a true and genuine love of candles and fragrances.

This passion, combined with the perfect bend of wax and fragrance, has helped Willow & Maple grow to be the success it is today. All candles are hand-crafted on the peninsula and created in small batches to avoid wastage. Dave and Steve source sustainable high-quality soy-based vegetable wax for their creation. All materials, including the 100% cotton wick are zinc free, lead free and acid resistant. You’ll be able to rest assured that the incredible scents filling your home aren’t filled with any nasties.

Candles can be bought online or from any number of Willow & Maples local stockists.

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Yolky Dokey Farm

Born out of tragedy, Lil’s Yolky Dokey Eggs are now a local staple. 20-year-old Lily’s dream was to one day own a block where she could have pasture-raised chickens and sell their free-range eggs. Unfortunately, Lily was killed in a tragic four wheel drive accident before she could realise this dream.

Determined to make this wish come true for their daughter, Lily’s parents put a plan in motion. With the help of friends and family, they had secured 50-acre property in Somerville. As they have grown, they moved their farm to Main Ridge to join a regenerative farming collective. You can now purchase Lily’s Yolky Dokey eggs from their website or at grocer’s all over the peninsula.

Lily’s dream lives on in the dedication her family has committed to creating this sustainable and ethical chicken farm.

580 Main Creek Road, Main Ridge |

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