John Williams - Happy Father's Day

29 August 2022

My Dad - John Williams.

When I was little I would cuddle into him and he would ask “what do you want to be when you grow up? I would say; “An estate agent just like you, but we will call our Real Estate business Holly Williams and her dad”.

Dad spent over 40 years as an Estate Agent and was regarded as the top of his field.

He became the ‘go to’ auctioneer for the Urban Land Authority.  His skills were second-to-none.  He was regularly consulted on changes to legislation and considered an influencer for the Real Estate Industry.

A Fellow of the Institute (FREI), Novice Auctioneer Judge, and a past president of the Institute, his ability to negotiate was unparalleled; a skill he loved to sharpen.

A master of his profession, his passion was helping people progress with their property lives.

He would often say “anytime you are faced with a challenge, you are at the University of Life”. There were no problems for Dad, only opportunities to hone skills.

I started working with him when I was 16; I was his shadow. There were no sick days, no slacking off and certainly no attitude! When Dad spoke, I listened and I still do.

He’s my mentor, my hero and I love him.

Dad, thank you for the lessons, your unwavering support and guidance.

You’re wonderful and still the best agent I’ve ever seen!

Your Daughter, Holly.