A Weekend Away - Explore Blairgowrie

30 May 2022

Just over 60km from Melbourne CBD, beautiful Blairgowrie enjoys a somewhat quieter position between the bustling, bordering towns of Rye and Sorrento, with the rugged waters of Bass Strait to the South and the Port Phillips’ pristine waters to the North.

Best known for its sublime stretches of white sand and rocky cliffs at scenic spots including Pearses Beach and Dimmicks Beach, there’s also adventure to be had at Bridgewater Bay, where rock platforms and deep rock pools provide plenty of fun at low tide.

Serviced by a small commercial centre, Blairgowrie Village offers a vibrant cafe scene. Chairs and tables spill onto the side walk and the latte lifestyle truly comes alive at favourite hospitality venues including Blairgowrie Cafe, Panda restaurant and the ever popular Pizza D’OH!.

After a leisurely brunch or lunch, wander through superbly curated homewares and gift stores, or ponder the mouth watering gourmet produce at the local boutique supermarket.

Also renowned for its access to an array of walking and hiking trails, Koonya Ocean Beach, Bridgewater Bay and The Coastal Walk deliver both spectacular views and oftentimes lively workouts.

Another of the area’s main attractions and the one that really put Blairgowrie on the map, is the picturesque, world class marina at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. Established in 1952, the club focuses on ‘family, friendship, sailing’, with 2,200 members and guests enjoying not only the safe boat harbour, but also the social hub of bars and restaurants surrounded by spectacular water views.